British Horse Society – Unannounced Inspection

The British Horse Society Apporval


Court Bank Farm had their unannounced inspection on Wednesday and we are very pleased to announce that it went very well.


The inspector first visited us over 5 years ago, she actually did our pre inspection, we wanted to be BHS approved but we needed to know what improvements we needed to make.

She was very helpful and gave us loads of advice, information and goals to work too. 

Over 5 years later we are nearly where we want to be with the yard, however we will always be seeking ways to improve the yard for the benefit of our horses and liveries. 

We are a Highly Commended DIY yard which we are very proud of.

Thank you to all our liveries for helping us be a highly commended DIY yard. We all work hard to keep our horses happy. 

viv & glencoe rider alighnment clinic