Top Tips For Christmas

Top Tips For Christmas


Christmas is a busy time for all of us and we all try our best to spend as much time with our family and friends over the Christmas period. 

horses at christmas 2017



  1. If you have a friend or family member helping you look after your equine over the Christmas period make sure you provide them with specific instructions. Write a list to make sure everything is clear and your equestrian assistant knows exactly what to feed and which rugs to put on.
  2. Let other liveries know who will be looking after your horse and make sure your helper knows the yard rules and signs the visitor book.  
  3. Prepare haynets and feeds in advance.
  4. Draw up a rota to help each other turn out and bring in over the Christmas period.
  5. If the weather is mild why not leave your horse out to save on mucking out time on Christmas morning.
  6. Stock up on hay, feed and bedding to last you over the festive period. 



prepare feeds

save time over xmas and prepare haynets



Most importantly enjoy the Christmas period with your family and friends. 







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Brake’s Road Safety Week 19 – 25 November

Brake’s Road Safety Week 19 – 25 November


The British Horse Society Apporval


The British Horse Society (BHS) is proudly supporting Brake’s ‘Bike Smart’ campaign for this year’s Road Safety Week, a week long initiative designed to promote road safety through lifesaving messages.


Court Bank Farm want our liveries to be safe when cyclists pass them


The ‘Bike Smart’ theme supports the recent ‘Be Nice, Say Hi’ safety campaign launched by the BHS in collaboration with Cycling UK. 

The two leading charities joined forces to launch a consideration and courtesy message of ‘Be Nice, Say Hi’, available as instructional videos and information leaflet, to help cyclists and horse riders understand how to pass one another safely both on and off the roads. 

Horses can react quickly when startled, so the charities are encouraging cyclists to:

Alan Hiscox, Director of Safety at the BHS: 

“We are proud supporters of Road Safety Week and their ‘Bike Smart’ theme for 2018. Although cyclists are also vulnerable road users, horses are flight animals and may react to anything they are unsure of. By promoting the ‘Be nice, say hi’ message, we hope more cyclists will appreciate the potential risk they pose. If all road users are considerate and mindful of one another we can reduce the number of incidents between horses, cyclists and vehicles”.    

The collaboration between the two charities followed concern over viral video footage recorded at the Windsor Triathlon showing cyclists undertaking a horse and rider at high speed. The video demonstrated the need for better advice for people cycling on how to overtake horses safely.  

The BHS is also currently working with British Triathlon to help improve the safety information available to competitive cyclists and event organisers on the risks surrounding horse riders on the roads. 

Since the launch of the British Horse Society’s Horse Accidents Website there have been:


Knowledge is key to safety so please stay safe and help educate all road users to repect each other.

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Highway Code Review

The BHS are appealing to the general public to write to their MP to ensure that the safety needs of equestrians are not forgotten in the Highway Code Review. 


highway code review


Following the recent Highway Code review announcement, The British Horse Society (BHS) is urgently appealing to the general public to write to their MP to ensure the safety needs of equestrians are not forgotten in the Highway Code Review.

Thanks to our members and supporters, the British Horse Society was referenced in a House of Commons debate on 5th November about revisions to the Highway Code.

The Deputy Minister for Transport was asked by a number of MP’s why horses had been excluded in plans for the review.

We’re very grateful that our members and supporters responded to our request and emailed their respective MP’s asking them to raise this issue in the house.

It’s not too late! If you haven’t already done so, please write or email your MP and ask them to lobby the Minister for Transport to include horses in the review as a vulnerable road user group.

Alan Hiscox, Director of Safety for The British Horse Society said: “Now is a crucial time for constituents to write to their MP to urge them to raise the question as to why the needs of equestrians were not referenced in the proposed review. 

“To improve the safety of all vulnerable road users it is vital that MPs ask that consideration is given to review and strengthen the wording of Section 163 (Overtaking) and Section 215 (Horse riders and horse-drawn vehicles).  The advice and guidance should not only explain why drivers should take extra care and slow down when passing horses but also the consequences of passing too close and too fast”.

To date, according to BHS statistics, 237 horses and 40 riders have been killed as a result of their injuries following a road incident. 899 horses have been injured and 85% of these incidents are because drivers pass too fast or too close. 

As the nights are drawing in it is a reminder to all of us to wear hi viz when riding out. It is also important to wear them on a sunny day.

be seen be safe at court bank farm





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Lest We Never Forget

Lest We Never Forget


remembrance sunday


Court Bank Farm Will Never Forget


poppy day



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Fire Safety Day Success

Fire Safety Day Success


A huge thank you to John from Diamond Fire for  his time on Saturday. It was very generous of him to give up his Satuday morning. He donated all the fire extinguishers free of charge and the competition prizes. We are extremely grateful to him.  



Thank you to all our liveries who attended our Fire Safety Day.  

Court Bank Farm is in safer hands due to our liveries having had this experience and training.  

We had a very informative and enjoyable morning. 


We all had a lovely sandwich, thank you to Annette and Andrea for cooking those for us. They were delicious.

We all learnt  how to use a fire extinguisher and we actually had a go at letting  off two different types of fire extinguishers.

I for one feel much more confident about using a fire extinguisher if ever we needed too. 

safety day at court bank farm


fire safety training day at court bank farm


Competition Winners!

We split in to groups of four and John set us a competion to see if we had been paying attention!

The winners were Brian, Michelle, Harriet and Denise.  They all won a fire extinguisher and fire blanket each to take home.


Well done!


competition winners


We also had the support of Andrea from the British Horse Society who also enjoyed the morning. Click here  to see the BHS facebook page.

The British Horse Society Apporval

Suprise Visit

A lovely suprise was a visit from our local fire brigade who unfortunately  after only being on site for a few minutes were called out on a shout!

However, the Animal Rescue team of the Staffordshire Fire and Rescue were able to stay.

They gave us a very interesting talk on what they are trained to do to help horses and large animals in an emergency situation including road traffic accidents.

They are highly skilled and highly trained and I was so impressed with the work they do.  Animal rescue has moved on in leaps and bounds over the years . 

They talked us through some very important safety instructions of what to do in the event of a fire  at Court Bank Farm.  

We are all now very clear of our evacuation plan in the unlikely event of a fire.


stable fire safety talk court bank farm

For all the liveries who did not attentd we will be going through this with you.  



The Animal Rescue Team of  Staffordshire Fire and Rescue are in need of a horse trailer to help with their training.

It would need to be road worthy so they can tow it between stations but it would not be used to transport animals (just their dummy horse!).

If you have a trailer you no longer need and you are willing to donate it for this invaluable training please do get in touch with either Andrea from the West Midlands BHS or myself. 

Redwings donation of a trailer for training

Redwings charity donated this trailer fo the animal rescue team for training.




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