Our Latest Addition To Our School

Our Latest Addition To Our School


Finally our school is now complete with the last of our mirrors being fitted at the weekend.

These are a great addition and will help us in our training.



The Benefits Of Arena Mirrors

Arena mirrors give you instant visual feedback that not even a trainer can give you. You can see it and feel it at the same time which is really important during training.

They are an invaluable training aid to not only view your ridden performance, but also to evaluate your position.

From a training point of view when instructors are trying to show you someone something, it’s useful as they can get you to look in the mirror and see what they are describing, such as  leg position, or how the horse is moving.

Mirrors are just as valuable for show jumpers, event riders and showing competitors. 


I do hope everyone enjoys the mirrors and the advantages of having them in the arena.

To see the last post on the refurbishment of our school please do click here

Alot of people have been taking advantage of the early mornings and late evenings to ride in the school as this has been the coolest time to ride during this very hot period. 


new school court bank farm


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Hottest Weekend Of the Year



BRITAIN is about to roast in the hottest weekend of the year as the nation swelters through what is now expected to be the longest heatwave in UK history.


Here are some top tips to keep your horse cool during this hot period.


keeping cool this summer


1. If you’re competing, leave as early as possible to avoid travelling in the heat and reduce the risk of getting stuck in traffic during the warmest part of the day. Also make sure that you have water and hay on board just in case of a hold up.

2. Make sure that any windows are open to keep fresh air flowing through the horsebox. On arrival, consider whether the horses will be cooler standing on the lorry or trailer out of direct sun , or whether they would be better outside in the shade.

3. If your horse is normally stabled at night and out during the day, consider reversing his turnout times to avoid the hottest temperatures and the worst of the flies.

4.If  turning you horse out during the day use plenty of  fly spray to keep the flies away.

5.Wet weather following a long dry spell can result in a flush of new grass growth similar to spring, so be prepared to limit your horse’s grazing if you are concerned about laminitis or weight gain.

6. If you suspect that your horse may be suffering from heat stroke, allow him to rest in a cool stable, poor cool water over his back and offer small amounts of water every few minutes. If at all worried then do contact your vet.

7. White areas on the face and heels are most commonly affected by sunburn because they have less skin pigment and hair coverage, so remember to apply suncream to these areas.

sun cream for your horse to protect from the sun

8. Keep your horse’s stable and bedding clean to discourage stable flies from lingering there.

9. Midges tend to breed in wet areas, such as lakes and streams, so if your horse is prone to sweet itch move him away from standing water.

10. Remove droppings from your paddock regularly.

11. To treat a one-off bite, apply an ice pack or bathe with cool, salt water (use a teaspoon of salt to two mugs of water). And with multiple bites, a mild horse shampoo can help to remove irritating scurf or bacteria and cool the inflamed skin.


Summer Rotation


Our summer rotation is going well, we have made a good start with a few fields under our belt. All fields have been topped, rolled and harrowed.  

We are hoping to get as many fields done this summer although we could do with some rain as we cannot spray the pesticides if the weather is too hot!

harrowing our fields

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British Horse Society Inspection 2018

British Horse Society Inspection 2018


The British Horse Society Apporval


Our  British  Horse Society inspection has gone very well this year. We have been awarded ‘Highly recommended’ status for everything on our yard from the welfare of our horses to all our fabulous facilities.  

Grading Scheme




Highly Commended








Horse Welfare HC
Customer Care HC
Riding Out HC
Tack Rooms HC
Grassland Management & Turnout HC


Click here to see our results on the British Horse Society website.


They were most impressed and happy to see how settled and relaxed all our horses were. Some were in their stables chilling and some were out grazing and taking shelter from the heat of the day under the trees. 



Jo was schooling Frog in the menage and he was going really well making for a truly wonderful picture of a happy horse and rider. I think she could have stood and watched him all day and so could I!!!



The British Horse Society check every aspect of a yard when they are assessing it from a health and safety point of view for both the horse and rider to the facilities a yard has to offer. They checked every single stable and left no stone unturned.












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Staffordshire 8th Horsiest County In England


Staffordshire 8th Horsiest County In England

hacking out in staffordshire



It is official Staffordshire is the 8th horsiest County in England with Devon coming tops.  

Devon is well served by hunts, Pony Club branches, equestrian centres and instructors, too, Devon really is rider heaven according to the survey. 
Thanks to help from governing bodies and other organisations, statistics were compiled for eventing, showjumping, dressage, showing, racing, pointing, hunting, polo, veterinary care, access to farriers, Pony Clubs, riding clubs, bridleways, livery yards, riding instructors, riding centres and tack shops and feed merchants.

The survey took into account where some of the biggest events in the equestrian calendar take place as well as where top riders and equestrian legends of yesteryear live.


Interest  In Dressage On the Increase In Staffordshire 

Staffordshire  has a growing interest in Dressage and was also noted for its tack and feed stores doing well despite the growth in on line stores across the country.  

For more information please do click the link  here for the British Dressage West Midlands region.

British Dressage logo


The top 10 horsiest counties according to our 2018 survey

  1. Devon
  2. Hampshire
  3. Somerset
  4. Gloucestershire
  5. North Yorkshire
  6. Surrey
  7. Kent
  8. Staffordshire
  9. Lancashire
  10. Wiltshire


With us having direct access to Cannock Chase I think we are very lucky indeed it is just  equestrian heaven for us and our horses ! For more information on Cannock Chase do click here

hacking out on the chase 2 minute hack from court bank farm

We are also lucky enough to have a local riding club Saddlers which is well supported locally all of these factors are taken into consideration when doing this sort of survey.


This survey has just confirmed what we already know, we love our horses and ponies in Staffordshire. 




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Fabulous News For Fabio!

Fabulous News For Fabio!



fantastic news for fabio


Here is some really fabulous news regarding one of our liveries . This has been a very long and roller coaster ride but we are so happy to report that Fabio has had some brilliant news this morning.


 Fabio is officially dismissed and allowed to work again!!!! We are allowed to start riding. His x-rays are all clear and no arthritis and the flexion is amazing, Campbell was speechless about how well he has healed. We are all absolutely over the moon. 


Well done to all concerned to the vets, Verena for never giving up on her horse and of course to Fabio!!! and to all our liveries that have helped and supported Verena along the way.




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