Worm Count Time

Worm Count Time 


worm testing at court bank farm

Worming programme at Court Bank Farm

It is our worm count time at Court Bank Farm which has come around so quickly, it is a nice feeling as it means spring is not too far away which means plenty of riding in the sunshine to look forward too. 

Riding in the sunshine!

hacking out in the sunshine on cannock chase

Our worm count results have been very pleasing over the last couple of years with some great results.

Our hard work of poo picking the fields does pay off! so keep up the good work.

worm count good thanks to mucking out field

We are only worming where necessary which is good for the horses and good for our pockets too!

The worm counts are excellent value for money as not only do we get our worm test results but we get free advice from Poole House vets advising us on the appropriate wormer to use.   

The vets can tell a lot more from a worm count than you might think. One of our new horses was diagnosed with a high sand content which was very quickly resolved with a consultation from the vet and the appropriate action taken.  


All the test results will be given out over the next couple of days so do look out for those in reception on the Court Bank Farm notice board. Anyone with a horse that needs worming will be informed and the correct wormer will be given out to you.  

Concreting this coming Tuesday  

Weather permitting we will be doing the final stage of our new menage which is the concreting of the entrance. We need the weather to be at least 2 degrees so please keep everything crossed!

I can’t wait to get back in the school although I think Glencoe would be happy to leave it a few more weeks he has been enjoying the rest.  

practising for the charity event and fund dressage day


Warning to all riders

The British Horse Society had posted a very important message to all riders after a lady was thrown from her horse when a loose dog ran onto her land, causing her horse to panic, bolt and kick. She received a kick to the head and leg, but didn’t suffer any serious injuries thanks to her new hat! the lady in question said, “This happened at home where you least expect it and I have to say I have been guilty of not wearing a hat in the past, but never again, I dread to think what would have happened if I hadn’t been wearing one”.  to see more information on the current safety standard hats please do click this link






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Our New Menage Is Nearly ready!

Our new menage is nearly ready


fibretrack plus surface at Court Bank Farm

We are nearly there with our new menage. The Martin Collins surface has gone down today and it is looking really good. 

We just need the weather to stay mild so that we can concrete the entrance to the menage, the jump/dressage boards storage area and the tie up area.

We have 900 plants coming tomorrow so we will be able to commence the planting scheme. This will be really nice and be the finishing touches to our menage. 

To see how far we have progressed please do see this link 


New Additions

We have some new ‘jump for joy’ jumps being delivered tomorrow including a water tray, cross country jumps to add to our collection.  


We will also be having delivered a 40m x 20m partial dressage arena so that we can practice our flat work and get ready for our competitions.


jump for joy jumps

Live Demonstration


As five people will be able to use the school at any one time we will be organizing a live demonstration on school etiquette. This has been arranged so that it gives riders and horse’s the confidence to ride together and enjoy our new facility.  It will also help when going out to competitions and being in a collecting ring with other riders. 


Court Bankers doing us proud to win team jumping

Please do look out for the date of this on our notice board.

We very much hope that you will enjoy our new facility and that you and your horse can progress but most of all have fun!


The British Horse Society has some very interesting articles please do click the link to see the latest news

We are also hoping the British Horse Society will be able to join us for our official opening. 

British Horse Society conference 2018








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Let’s Get Motivated In January

Get motivated this January

Get motivated and make January a productive and happy month! when the days are short, wet, dark and miserable don’t let it get you down. Get motivated and start looking forward and preparing for the spring. Here is a list of things to do in January.


There are lots of things that we can be doing in readiness for the season ahead. 

clip your horse

Have a pamper day and clip your horse, trim his tale and give him a good groom. Treat him to a solarium he will enjoy the heat on his back and it is so good for his well being. 

For more information on the benefits of our solarium click here

It is said: “Clipping a horse in February is a really bad idea, as his summer coat will be starting to make an appearance and you’ll just go and ruin it by chopping off the tip of it.”  have a look at this great video  Once your clipping duties for the season are complete, don’t go putting the blades away, only to get them out again in October and realise they’re completely blunt. Send them away to be sharpened now, and consider getting the clippers serviced while you’re at it.


Get motivated and clear out your tack room and cash in

Let’s face it, we all have stuff we don’t need so now is an ideal time to have a good clear out:

January is also a good time to give our tack a good clean and oiling. Whilst cleaning please don’t forget to inspect the stitching. It is also a good time to have a sort out and sell those unwanted items of tack that you just do not use. Be ruthless and throw away what is no good or unsafe. Horse charities also welcome rugs and good quality tack.    


Prepare your lorry or trailer for the Winter

If you haven’t already prepared your lorry for winter, it’s high time to get on the case or ask a mechanic to do so for you. “Winterising” your horsebox includes getting the tyres checked and replaced if necessary; topping up your anti-freeze, and draining the water tank. 


Motivate your self and plan your season ahead. Book a clinic or a lesson with your favourite instructor.  Set your self some achievable goals which will build your confidence and your horse’s confidence.   

Verena & Fabio Cross Country

Get together and arrange a group hack this is a great thing to do if you do not like hacking on your own. 

hacking out on the chase 2 minute hack from court bank farm

Put all your farrier appointments, vaccinations and reminders on your planner so that you do not miss anything! 

Most of all enjoy January !!!










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Job Vacancy at Court Bank Farm

Job Vacancy 

Court Bank Farm Cannock Wood has a job vacancy for two part-time persons to work for around 15hrs each per week on our BHS approved and highly commended livery yard.

The hours of work will be flexible to include weekends.

This will be a job share, which will include covering for each other during holidays etc.

This role will not involve the turning out and mucking out of the DIY Liveries.

The roles entail all aspects of the daily running of a DIY livery yard, you must be able to work on your own initiative and be happy to work around and with horses of all different shapes and sizes.

The successful applicants will be trustworthy, reliable, hardworking, responsible and very organised, with a happy disposition who are able to keep the yard looking clean & tidy and running smoothly. Therefore, early starts and late finishes will be required.

Other duties will include taking bookings for the menage and posting upcoming events on social media.

Experience in horse care is essential. 

You must also be computer literate.

The rate of pay will be dependent on age, qualifications and experience.

To apply please email 

Part Time Job Vacancy Available at Court Bank Farm

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Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018

happy new year 2018

Andy & Viv would like to wish everyone a very Healthy and Happy New Year 2018.

Spillers Weight Clinic

Happy New Year 2018 and what a good event to start our year.

We are starting the year off with a Spillers weight clinic on the 7th January 2018.  For your allotted time slot please do see Olivia Thomas.

This always proves to be a very popular event with a very good turnout.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get some one to one advice on feeding your horse or pony which can be a mind field. It will also tell us a lot about the health of our horses and ponies. The last weight clinic was a great success 


Rocky being weighed and looking fabulous

The horses are condition scored first before they go on the scales. They look at the fat deposits on certain parts of the body. The neck, withers, loins, tail head, shoulder, and ribs.

This is scored from 1 being poor up to 9 being extremely fat.

The ideal we would like our horses to be would be 5 which is a moderate covering of fat. 

The horses then get weighed, they discuss each horse with its owner and you will be asked a few questions  like age, how long we have owned our horse and what they are being fed at the moment and his work load.   

You will be given a record card of the weight and condition score for us to keep as a record and a £5 Spillers voucher.


Happy New Year 2018  Progress Report On Our Menage

We are progressing nicely with our menage extension and it is looking really good. We can now see just how big it is going to be and it is really exciting.

We are hoping that the weather will be kind to us so that we can crack on with the job!   

Keep an eye on the notice board and news posts for our clinics and do be sure to get your name down early to avoid disappointment.  We will be having some new instructors as well as our favourite ones! These are aimed at beginners right the way up to our more advanced riders.

We will also be planning some demonstrations and competitions for our liveries. The last demonstration back in July by Nik & Fig was just mind blowing. To see it again click here


British Horse Society

British Horse Society conference 2018

The British Horse Society are celebrating 70 years and are hosting a very special convention in the Spring. For more information click here.

This looks like it is going to be an exciting event and something to look forward to for the Spring!






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