New menage available to hire from 1st May

New menage available to hire From 1st May 2018


Our new Menage will be available to hire from 1st May,  we will be having a full course of show jumps including a few cross country jumps once a week and then we will alternate and have our 20m x 40m dressage arena set out the following week. The other days it will be an empty arena, you are welcome to set jumps out, cavaletti poles, dressage boards etc, however, they must be put away after use.   

jumps out in new menage


£25 an hour per horse

Extra Horse – £10 an hour 


For more information and to book the facility please call the office on 01543 222 923 or 07903634912.


Terms & Conditions Of Hire

Save for death or personal injury caused by negligence, Court Bank Farm, or its employees (‘the hirers’) don’t accept any liability for any accident, loss, damage, injury or illness to riders, horses, owners, spectators, property, vehicles and their contents and accessories or any other person or property whatsoever, whether caused by their negligence, breach of contract or in any other way whatsoever.
Riding, working with horses and handling horses can be dangerous and horses may be unpredictable. Persons using the facility do so at their own risk and the Hirers will not be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss.
All riders must wear a hat conforming to the current British standards at all times whilst mounted. Suitable footwear must be worn whilst mounted. All persons must be accompanied by another responsible person (who may be mounted or unmounted) who must have access to a mobile phone in order to summon assistance in the event of an emergency.  Emergency telephone numbers will be printed on the facility sign at the entrance of the ménage.
All riders under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult and must be kept under control at all times.
Riders and their trainers, spectators and helpers must not cause a nuisance or disturbance to any other person using or at the premises.
The hirers are not responsible for the ground conditions or damage caused to the ground and/or cross-country fences/structures caused by other users and animals. The hirers are not responsible for other persons/animals using the facilities and/or for any person unlawfully using the facilities or trespassing onto the facility.

Trainers, coaches, teachers or any person taking responsibility for a rider must hold public liability insurance for no less than £2,000,000 (two million) and any person being a groom, rider or paid assistance onto the premises must hold employers liability insurance.

Dogs are not allowed on the premises.


The hirers reserve the right to cancel any reservation without notice. The hirers reserve the right to refuse admission.
By riding at the premises the rider accepts that they/their trainer or responsible adult has surveyed the facilities (and any obstacles such as show jumps or cross country jumps) and the ground conditions and understand that they/their trainer are responsible for assessing the suitability of the ground conditions and/or suitability, construction and maintenance of the jumps/obstacles/fences.
The hirers reserve the right to request that riders/trainers/owners or any other person using the facilities to leave in circumstances where in the opinion of the hirers and/or its management, a person is creating a dangerous situation, riding in a dangerous manner and/or where a person is mistreating a horse or acting irresponsibly. Where a person is asked to leave they must refrain from jumping any further jumps and immediately return to their mode of transport and remove the horse and themselves from the premises.
The hires recommend that the owner/keeper/rider of any horse using the facilities ensure that horse in respect of third party liability, injury, injury, veterinary fees and death. It is also recommended that all riders hold personal accident insurance.
Smoking is not permitted on the premises.

Please take all litter home and clear your horse’s droppings from the lorry/trailer parking bay.

Due to the nature of the Martin Collins surface, there is a strict poo picking policy in place. All bookings must either have someone on the ground to poo-pick whilst the horse is in the arena or they must dismount and get the poo up to save treading the poo into the surface.  It is in your interest to make sure that everyone leaves the surface clean and as you found it free from poo.

Any equipment must be returned and stored away after use. All damages and breakages must be reported to the hirers and paid for.

Users are required to close the gates of all facilities whether entering or exiting the facilities.

You will need to fill in the form before you start


The ‘rider(s) is/are the person(s) using the facilities who are responsible for any trainer, spectator, groom, assistant or observer in attendance at the premises with the rider.

I have read and understood the above terms and conditions of using the facilities and the disclaimer of liability and confirm that I use the facilities at the premises entirely at my own risk.

Print Name (Rider)_______________________________________________________________

Signed (Rider)___________________________________________________________________

Signed (by responsible adult If applicable)_____________________________________________

NB Any accompanying instructor,trainer,parent,guardian,groom or helper should sign here & print name.

Signed ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________________





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Spring Worm Count

Spring Worm Count 

sun shinning at court bank farm

Spring worm count time is here again! the last 3 months have flown by.  I do look forward to collecting the spring worm count because it means that we may have some sunshine ahead!  


On the 1st May we will all need to collect our horses poo sample so that we can get it tested. We use Pool House Vets in Lichfield.

The advantage of having our horses poo tested by our local vets is that we get a great service. The vet rings us personally to discuss any high worm counts and he will advise us which wormer would be most suitable for the horse.  For more information on Pool House please click here 


Only worming when needed is a real advantage for our horses and ponies and is a more effective way of worming. We have had  great success over the last two years. Back in February which was our last worm count only 11 horses needed worming.   


worm count time


The poo picking of our fields is the biggest single factor to the success of our low worm counts and we must keep up the good work. It has been hard work with the horrible wet weather this winter but it does pay off. 

worm count good thanks to mucking out field


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All Horses To Be Micro Chipped Under New Law

All Horses To Be Micro Chipped Under New Law


Horse passport agency

All horses in England will have to be microchipped under new rules to be due to being laid before parliament as soon as is practical.

The regulations, drawn up by Defra following consultation with the equestrian industry, apply to all equines except semi-wild moorland and New Forest ponies.


The extension of the current rules, under which only equines born since July 2009 must be chipped, has been welcomed by the industry, as it should help reduce the chance of fraud and improve disease control.

“I’m pleased we’ll be laying new regulations on equine passports as soon as practical,” Defra minister Lord Gardiner said at the 2018 National Equine Forum last month. “And, having listened to the sector, we intend to extend microchipping requirements to all equines of all ages.”

The regulations, which set out how EU passport legislation is implemented, also include civil sanctions for those who breach them, for which, Lord Gardiner said, there was “strong support” within the industry.

Serious or serial offenders could still be prosecuted, but the new civil sanctions are designed to “encourage compliance”.

The details of the sanctions will be set out in the new regulations but enforcement will remain the responsibility of local authorities. 

This can only be a good thing for the welfare of our horses and ponies. To read more click here


Summer Rotation 2018


We will soon be starting our Spring/Summer rotation as soon as the weather picks up. Please see the link to our past rotations at Court Bank Farm.


Keep an eye on the notice board for when it is your turn to move fields. Your field will need to be free of any poo before we can start the spraying and you will be given plenty of notice.   

DIY grazing at court bank farm


This is an important part of our field management at Court Bank Farm. 

We will soon be starting our annual field spraying, harrowing and resting of our paddocks. The horses move off into Oak Lessors so that we can spray their field for weeds and give the grass an all-important rest. This gives the grass a chance to recover from the winter grazing.

Each field will take it in turns to go as a group into Oak Lessers (an 11-acre field) the horses seem to really enjoy the move as they can really stretch their legs, play, rest and eat!!!

We will be resting each field in turn and giving all horses and ponies a chance to go into Oak Lessors for a little holiday or to be kept in their routine of  coming in at night and being worked as normal.

We are very lucky to be able to offer 24/7 turnout 365 days a year here at Court Bank Farm. The combination of poo picking our fields, summer rotation and only having one horse per acre. 

We have had an extremely wet winter and we are hoping very much for a dry summer and  sunshine would be a bonus.

sun shinning at court bank farm








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Happy Easter 2018

Happy Easter 2018


Andy & Viv would like to wish everyone at Court Bank Farm a very  Happy Easter.


happy easter



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100 Mile Hacking Challenge

100 Mile Hacking Challenge


100 mile hacking challenge – Top British event riders Gemma Tattersall and Harry Meade have joined a 100-mile hacking challenge to help equines in need throughout the world.

Welfare charity Brooke launched My Hackathon last year, with dressage star Charlotte Dujardin among the high-profile personalities joining the challenge.


This year four-star eventers Harry Meade and Gemma Tattersall will also be taking part, as well as British eventing team performance manager, Dickie Waygood, and top dressage rider Alice Oppenheimer.


Gemma Tattershall supporting Brooke horse chairty

Harry Meade supporting the Brooke charity

The challenge is open to all riders and involves hacking 100 miles in 100 days to raise £100 for the Brooke. The funds will help improve the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules, as well as the people who depend on them.


With the clocks springing forward this evening we can at last look forward to some lighter nights and summer hacking.  We are spoilt for choice at Court Bank Farm we have a lovely farm ride and Cannock Chase on our doorstep not to mention Gentleshaw common. We could soon clock up 100 miles!

spring forward at court bank farm

This would be a great thing to do with our friends and it will be really good for our horses too. After a hard day at work, a nice relaxed hack around the farm would be an excellent way of relaxing for both horse and rider.  


hacking around court bank farm



Today is National Equestrian Safety Day.


Today is National Equestrian Safety Day so whatever you are doing with your horse or pony enjoy it……… but think safety!  

The British Horse Society visited us last year and gave us a safety demonstration which was fantastic and we had a very good attendance which just shows how much we all take the safety or ourselves and our horses seriously. For more information on the evening please do click here

Whether you choose to ride off-road, or you have no option but to go out onto busy roads, there are always safety issues to take into account.

Read and share our advice for riders on what to wear and how to stay safe:


court Bank Farm support national safety day

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