Worm Results Are In!!!

Worm Results Are In!!


We have had our worm count results back from Pool House Vets please do see the results that are pinned up on the notice board in reception.



collecting our poo ready for testing for worms

All wormers will be given out as normal please do make sure that you are giving the correct dose for the weight of your horse.

There is a weight tape left by the British Horse Society for us to use. 

British Horse Society using weight tape

Please do put the weight tape back in reception after use so that it is ready for other people to measure their horses weight.   

We have 16 horses that need worming this time. I have spoken to Ronald the Vet from Pool House and he has said the reason for this spike is that we have had a mild winter.

It is very important that we keep up with our poo picking of our fields and ideally 3 days is the maximum number of days for the poo to be on the ground.














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Spring Worm Count Due

collecting our poo ready for testing for worms

The last three months have flown by!

It is time for our Spring worm count.

Please make sure that your horses poo sample is in the fridge at Court Bank Farm by Thursday 9th May.

The worm count cost is £7.20 including vat. Please put this in an envelope in the hot wash dosh box.

Any stragglers after Thursday – You will need to drop your own sample into Pool House Burntwood.

Can you tick your name off the list please when you put your sample in the fridge.

New horses to the yard will not need testing. You will fall in line with the next worm count in three months time.

Results will be on the notice board as normal when I have the results back.

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BHS Welfare Event

a very happy dexter who has just been on the scales at our court bank farm BHS welfare day

Thank you to everyone who supported our British Horse Society Event on Sunday it was a great success and the British Horse Society thoroughly enjoyed it too. Our horses and ponies were so well behaved and we are very proud of them all.

Here are a few photographs of the day.

BHS Welfare Lorry
Terry with the perfect score!

A big thank you to Annette and Dave for giving their time up on Sunday to cook our lovely breakfast sandwiches.

We will be making this a yearly event it was so successful. The British Horse Society are also going to come and visit us to do some filming on micro chipping in the near future. To see all the good work that the British Horse Society do please do click this link

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Things To Do This Spring

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Reminder Of BHS Visit Sunday 7th April

Reminder Of BHS Visit Sunday 7th April at 11am.


Please support this event family and friends are  most welcome. 

Please could you put your name on the list which will be in reception so that I can have an idea of numbers if you are able to attend.

This is a great opportunity to talk through any issues or worries you may have.

 The British Horse Society Apporval

The BHS will be visiting Court Bank Farm on Sunday 7th April at 11am and they will be bringing the welfare lorry.


The BHS welfare lorry is in great demand visiting major shows and competition yards all around the UK and we are extremely lucky that they have agreed to visit our yard.


They will be bringing the horse weigh bridge with them so that we can weigh our horses.  We will be able to see how our horses have fared over the Winter months and this would be particularly helpful as we will be going into the Spring and Summer.


guiness being weighed

This will be really great for our horses and ponies that suffer with laminitis. 

The BHS are also currently developing weight monitoring materials such as condition scoring and weight tapes.  Education is so important and any tools that we have can only benefit our horses.   


The BHS have asked if there are any topics in particular that you would like them to talk about.


The BHS covers many topics including Laminitis, Sweet itch, Grass sickness, Tendon injuries, environmental enrichment and companionship as well as more challenging topics like the effects of rider weight on equine performance.  Please do visit the  BHS website to see exactly what the welfare team have to offer.


If you could pop your favoured topics on a piece of paper and put them in the green post box by reception that would be great and I can forward on your requests to the welfare team at the British Horse Society.


Refreshments will be available. 

cup of coffee court bank farm

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