Remember! Remember! The 5th November

Remember! Remember! The 5th November


It’s that time of year again when we will all be concerned about Fireworks and how our horses are going to react. Do we leave them in or do we leave them out?

advice on bonfire night and fireworks at court bank farm


Fireworks can upset and frighten even the most sensible of horses.

Understandably horses and fireworks don’t mix. Horses are flight animals and so naturally they don’t like the fact that there are loud bangs and bright flashes up in the sky that they can’t run from.


Even the calmest of horses can be affected because they have no warning of when the fireworks will be going off.


Horses are animals that like to have routines. Ideally, to keep your horse happy you would stick as close to their usual routine as possible. This means that if your horse normally lives out you could actually cause them more stress by bringing them in. However, if you know that your horse is happy to be stabled then you may choose to do so. Remember, though, that fireworks are not restricted to just bonfire night and so could be going off days before.


This is some really good information from the BHS website click here to read.











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Fire Safety Talk – Saturday November 3rd

Fire Safety Talk – Saturday November 3rd – 10 am


stable fire safety talk court bank farm


John from Diamond Fire have offered to come and give us a fire safety talk and he will be bringing us some fire extinguishers so that we can have a go at physically letting off a fire extinguisher. 

The demonstration and talk will only be for 1/2 hour, please could all liveries attend so that we all know what to do in the event of a fire.  


We will be providing breakfast.

bacon and egg sandwiches at court bank farm

We did this a couple of years ago and it was great fun. 

Please click here to see how our last safety talk went which was just over 2 years ago!! where does the time go?


fire extinguisher practice at court bank farm

The BHS are going to attend the morning which will be lovely, they will be bringing some Christmas gifts and cards to sell and will also be there to discuss just what the BHS can offer us as riders and horse owners. Please do click this link  to see about the benefits of joining the BHS. 



The British Horse Society Apporval




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To Clip Or Not To Clip

To Clip Or Not To Clip

to clip or not to clip court bank farm


As winter fast approaches, our horses and ponies will start to grow woollier and thicker coats, and alot of us will be now thinking about clipping and what sort of clip to give our horse and ponies. 


Clipping is something you can do to help prevent your horse from getting too warm and sweating profusely while exercising.

Before clipping, you need to consider how much work your horse or pony is doing, the sort of rugs you might need to keep him warm afterwards and whether your horse will be stabled or turned out.


If your horse gets too hot during exercise, is overheating or is in danger of becoming chilled while waiting to dry in cold weather we should definitely consider clipping.


Some horses and ponies will grow very heavy coats all year round and after the smallest amount of work will break out into a sweat and having a heavy coat then makes it incredibly difficult for them to dry out quickly, clipping these sort of horses or ponies is a must. 


This is a great video showing us how to clip our horse but if you are unsure then get an expert in. 


There are lots of clips to suit all levels of work. My horse Glencoe gets exercised on average  4 – 5 times per week.  This includes 3 schooling sessions and hacking out a couple of times a week.  I chose an irish clip for him as he only comes in for a few hours during the day and he lives out at night.  I like to keep his back end furry!! I find this is just enough for the amount of work he does.




showing irish clip


We have great facilities at Court Bank so there is no reason for us to slow down on the amount of work we do with our horses but we do want to keep our horses comfortable. 


Once we have made the decision to clip our horse then we do have to think about which rugs to use. This is a great article on rugging you horse to read more click here 


are we over rugging


Riders who love a bargain, take note — Aldi has launched its latest equestrian “Specialbuy” range.

They are selling a combo turnout rug for £34.99

Starts on Sunday 21st October.

click here for more information 





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The Nights Are Drawing In

The Nights Are Drawing In! Be seen and be safe


Please wear your Hi Viz!!!!

be seen be  safe at court bank farm


The nights are drawing in so please do start to wear your high viz when bringing in your horse at night or turning it out early in the mornings.


Our farm traffic needs to be able to see you……. as you can see from the above photograph the horse and rider wearing the hi viz is totally visible but the rider on the right can hardly be seen.


Stay Safe!!!!!











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Winner Of Our Competition

Winner Of Our Competition  


The winner of our worming competition for a years free worm testsing and wormers was Millie.


Congratulations !!!! Millie


collecting our poo ready for testing for worms

I would like to say a big thank you to Ronald Bodnar from Pool House vets for coming to give us a talk on our worm count programe that we run here at Court Bank Farm. 

The talk was both informative and enjoyable.

The most important thing that came across was how important the management of our pastures are and how much it contributes to our successful worming programme. The enviroment our horses graze in is the single most important factor. 

As a yard we are very pro active in removing our horses droppings from their grazing which is done regularly and it is certainly the right thing to do. Ronald advised us that ideally the poo should not be on the ground for any longer than three days. 


worm count good thanks to mucking out field


Thank you to everyone who came to support the evening. I think alot of people were suprised by just how much time and effort that Ronald and Court Bank put into our worm count programme. Ronald discusses every single horse that needs worming with Viv asking important questions regarding age and their history so that he can make an informed decision regarding the worming products used for that particular horse.   


The cakes went down really well and I would like to say a big thank you to Angela Trawford who made them for us they were delicous.

home made cakes


Keep up the poo picking it is not only good for our horses health but ours too!





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