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British Horse Society Events

British Horse Society Events



The British Horse Society has two really interesting evenings coming up in the West Midlands.


An evening with a Mounted police officer! 

mounted police officer

Discover the secret world of a Mounted Police Officer, learn of Alan Hiscox’s years of Professionalism, Pride and Pantomime!

Alan served 32 years in the British Police; 26 of those years in the Mounted Branch of the London Metropolitan Police.

Alan led the Metropolitan Mounted Police Display Ride for 14 years, the Ride has been performed at Horse of the Year Show and Olympia many times.

His team supported the Spanish Riding School of Vienna on their UK Tour and was thought to be one of the best equine display teams in the world.

Since retiring at a young age from the Metropolitan Police, he has accepted a number of consultancy assignments with Mounted Police Units around the world.

£5 per person, no need to book.

7 – 7.30 start. Refreshments available.

The Pigot Arms

TelDee Handley, 07968 092799


Brain, Pain of Training?

What is your horse saying?

Join renowned author Sue Palmer MCSP and learn how to recognise and resolve pain behaviour in horses. Sue will demonstrate some of the exercises in her book ‘Brain, Pain or Training’ and ‘Horse Massage for Horse Owners’ so that you can give them a go with your own horse.

Entry £10 per person, on the night, all welcome. 

Monday 1 April – Rodbaston Equestrian Centre, ST19 5PH at 7.30pm



sue Palmer brain pain or training

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BHS – New Road Safety Plea To All Road Users And Horses


BHS – New Road Safety Plea to All Road Users And Horses


The British Horse Society Apporval


Police are urging road users to look out for horses on the roads as part of a fresh safety appeal.


Officers are asking those using the roads to approach horses with care using the same consideration as they would when driving past pedestrians or cyclists. Cyclists are being asked to slow down and pass wide.

The appeal, asking all road users to share the roads safely and look out for one another, comes under the same framework as Op Velo – an operation aimed at reducing the number of collisions involving cyclists on the county’s roads.

Between April 2016 and December 2018, there were four collisions involving vehicles and horses in Cambridgeshire.

On 23 September 2016, a collision between a motorcyclist and a horse on Gamlingay Road, Sandy, resulted in the motorcyclist being airlifted to hospital with serious injuries. The horse had to be put down due to his injuries.

On 3 March 2017 two riders fell from their horses after a car failed to reduce its speed and collided head on with them on Mepal Road. One rider was taken to hospital but suffered no serious injuries.

On 12 May 2017, a rider fell from their horse after a van passed them driving at 35mph on the A1101 near Wisbech. The horse rider suffered serious injuries.

On 13 July 2017 a horse rider was left with minor injuries after a collision with two cars on the B1093.

During the same two year timeframe, there were also two collisions involving vehicles and horses in Bedfordshire – one resulting in a horse rider suffering fatal injuries.

In Hertfordshire there were eight collisions, two resulting in serious injuries and the other six resulting in minor injuries.

PC Jon Morris, casualty reduction officer at Cambridgeshire Constabulary, said: “Under the Op Velo guidelines, the optimum distance to pass a cyclist is 1.5m and we are urging drivers to approach horses with the same level of caution.

“Horses can be startled by many things, noise, flapping objects, dogs barking, a bike speeding up behind them, a vehicle splashing through a puddle etc.

“These things can make a horse more difficult to control and cause it to ‘shy’ suddenly, possibly into the path of traffic. Look out for the rider’s signals and always take notice of a request to slow down or stop.

“We’d also encourage horse riders to use hand signals wherever possible.

“We’re encouraging all road users to make the roads safer for everyone – please share the roads safely and look out for one another.”

The force’s appeal also supports the British Horse Society’s Dead Slow campaign, which urges motorists who see a horse on the road to:  

Alan Hiscox, director of safety for The British Horse Society said: “It is important to remember horses are flight animals that can react quickly when startled, and even the most experienced of horses can suddenly react to something they are unsure of. 

“Since the launch of our horse accidents website in 2010, 290 horses and 39 riders have been killed on UK roads and as a result of this, we are encouraging all drivers to adhere to our Dead Slow campaign messages.

“If drivers follow these four simple messages (above) and both riders and road users show patience and courtesy to one another whilst sharing the roads, we can help bring the level of accidents down.”

The force’s new safety plea has been devised with the support of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Road Safety Partnership.

According to the British Horse Society, horse riders are encouraged to: 

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February’s Worm Results

February’s Worm Test Results Are In!


worm testing at court bank farm

Worming programme at Court Bank Farm



February’s worm test results are now in. It shows that all our hard work of poo picking  is paying off.


Out of 59 horses:

Only 8 needed worming &  34 out of 59 horses were at Zero

Keep up the good work.

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Latest News – Equine Influenza 11/2/2019

Latest News – Equine Influenza 11/2/2019


British Equestrian Federation

The BEF continues to monitor closely the equine flu situation.

The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) can confirm that our veterinary advice remains that it is not necessary to cancel other equine events at this time subject to local disease status and local veterinary advice. If in doubt, consult your local vet.

To see all the latest advice regarding the equine flu please do visit the BEF website.




Latest news on the equine flu situation from the BHS

Further to the announcement by the British Horse Racing Authority that horseracing will continue to be suspended until Wednesday February 13th, the British Equestrian Federation confirm that their veterinary advice remains that it is not necessary to cancel other equine events at this time subject to local disease status and local veterinary advice. If in doubt, consult your local vet.

If attending any events, clinics or shows it is vital to remain extra vigilant and be sensible in taking hygiene precautions. We strongly urge all organisers to ensure passports are being checked for up to date flu vaccinations where events are taking place. Unfortunately, we have heard reports of many events and gatherings of horses which are taking place but no checks, or spot checks, of vaccinations are being completed.

The BEF urges all owners to be vigilant and follow recommended guidelines set out here as a precaution. We recommend owners seek local veterinary advice to resolve any queries, and ensure that all vaccinations are up to date.

The BEF has also produced a Q&A giving the latest advice on how owners can keep their horses safe.


Advice for horse owners

Gemma Stanford, Director of Welfare for The British Horse Society said:

“We are aware of today’s news regarding the Equine Influenza outbreaks and we urge all owners to be extra vigilant of the clinical signs of the virus.

 “Clinical signs of influenza include:

  • The sudden onset of a dry, harsh cough which can continue for two to three weeks and potentially persist for longer
  • A raised temperature which lasts around 7 – 10 days 
  • A nasal discharge that is initially clear but becomes thick and purulent
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy

“Diseases such as equine influenza are debilitating and can have serious implications for horses, especially young foals, elderly animals or those with pre-existing respiratory disorders.

“You should contact your vet immediately if you have any concerns.”

Advice for those riding out or carriage driving

The British Horseracing Authority has taken the decision to cancel racing at all British racecourses today Thursday 7th February, following three confirmed Equine Influenza positives from vaccinated horses in an active racing yard.

All riders and carriage drivers need to be extra vigilant to prevent the spread of the disease further.

Before riding out please assess where you plan to ride or carriage drive and try to avoid riding close to other horses. Equine influenza is an airborne disease and can easily be spread.

When exercising your horse, you are strongly advised not to use routes which pass close to other horses, and to try to use alternative routes where possible. Exercising at quiet times of the day or planning locally with fellow riders to avoid contact and passing will help reduce the likelihood of spreading the disease. This also applies to places you travel to ride or drive.

Read here for more information on the signs of Equine Influenza:

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