Covid 19 Advice From the BHS

The British Horse Society Apporval

Covid 19 – Washing Our Hands Regularly Is The Advice  Covid 19 

Can I ask all liveries and visitors to the yard to wash their hands when they come onto the yard and when they leave the yard.

Washing your hands at Court Bank Farm

Advice From the BHS

The British Horse Society has been monitoring the Government’s guidance to protect people during the Covid-19 outbreak.

We recognise this is a challenging and worrying time for individuals in the industry both professionally and personally.

Our advise is that Approved Centre activity and freelance coaching by Accredited Professional Coaches may continue.

As long as the government guidelines regarding good hygiene can be introduced and maintained safely.

All recommend Approved Centres and Accredited Professional Coaches  should follow government advice for staff and clients regarding self isolation, hygiene, protecting vulnerable groups and social distancing.

Please see BHS website for links to relevant information and the FAQs.

This is a uniquely difficult time for all of us but with safe measures in place the ability to ride and be with our equine partners is good for our physical and mental health.


Enjoying our Horses

One thing we can still enjoy is hacking out with our horses. Hacking out can be a great bonding experience for horse and rider. 

Do have a look at a past news post that was about hacking out with confidence please do see the link    

The school is safe to use as we would all be sticking to the 2 metre distance policy that is recommended by the government to stop the spread of Covid 19.

Do just be mindful when using communal areas like taps, gates, door and stable handles and wash your hands as regularly as you can. 


Enjoying the sunshine on Alfie

We may need to help each other over the next few months if we have to self isolate. I know that we have a great community spirit on Court Bank Farm and I know we will all pull together at this difficult time to help each other.

My Favourite Churchill Quote 

Winston Churchill

“The price of greatness is responsibility.”


If we all take responsibility we will win this war against Covid 19