DIY Livery Of The Year Awards 2020


DIY livery of the year awards 2020 and the winners are Court Bank Farm!

Our very special weekend started with an early start. I was up at 5.45am to bring Glencoe and Mischief in, they were a little suprised to see me that early!

Off to do a muck run on the way home in the dark! then time for a quick shower.

The Journey To Euston

The taxi was on time and we went to go and pick Dan and Hannah up, Hannah’s two sisters were already there collecting Enzo, Ezra and baby Rylee. 

They were super excited about going to Aunty Sarah’s for the weekend. Rylee was going with Aunty Emma for the weekend.


Enzo asked me to bring the trophy home! No Pressure Enzo!

Our journey into London was great with no hold ups or delays. The hotel let us leave our luggage with them even though it was too early to check in. 

We jumped in the taxi to do a bit of sightseeing and we headed straight to Harrods.  

I am so glad we did as we saw the horses hacking down to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guards, it was a magical site and one that I won’t forget in a hurry.

A Magical Sight 

You Can’t Go To London Without Visiting Harrods

Dan and Hannah had a photograph taken with the doorman and then it was straight to the food hall. Next stop the toy department. The toy department was fabulous and I gravitated towards the rocking horses which Andy said would be a lot cheaper to keep!

Dan & Hannah

Goodmans restaurant in Mayfair was our next stop for a bite to eat and a well needed drink.

Before we knew it we were on our way back to the hotel to get ready for the awards night.   

Awards Night

The first thing we did was to study the seating plan to see who was on our table and to look out for anyone famous names!

british horse foundation awards dinner 2020

Dan & Hannah


It was getting exciting but at the same time we were all getting nervous.

The awards room was set out beautifully and we were sat at table 20. One of the people on our table was a retired Horse & Hound photographer of 25 years he was lovely and told us some great stories. His favourite event to photograph was the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Listening to his stories and how things had changed over the years was very interesting.

When he first started his career a motorbike would come to the event and he would have taken the reel of film to the developers the photographs would then have been taken by motorbike to the Horse & Hound offices. It would have been a race to get the best pictures chosen and published.

Harry Meade was the host on the evening and he did a fantastic job. There was also an auction which raised thousands for the British Horse Foundation.

Harry Meade horse foundation awards

Before we knew it all three finalists were lined up ready to go on stage. We all wished each other good luck and we were asked to go on to the stage.

Gemma Tattersall was presenting the prize and she was holding the gold envelope. After what seemed like ages she opened the gold envelope to reveal that Court Bank Farm had won DIY Livery Yard of the year.

We were very proud to be the winners but felt sad for our runners up. We had our photograph taken with Gemma Tattersall and then it was back to our table to try and take in what had just happened.

Court Bank Farm were winners Yeah!!!


Many congratulations to the two runners up Berries Farm Norfolk and Meadow Lane Cambridgeshire who have done very well to get to the top three.


  • Berries Farm, Norfolk
  • Court Bank Farm, Staffordshire
  • Meadow Lane, Cambridgeshire


Court Bank Winners 2020


Court Bank farm DIY Livery Yard of The Year


We were whisked off for an interview with Briony from the SEIB and then we all sat and had a drink before we all collapsed into bed.

The next day we visited the Saatchi gallery to see the Tutankhamun exhibition.

Before we knew it we were back on the train Cannock Wood bound.

Good Wishes

Thank you to everyone who sent us their good wishes the phone has been red hot for days. We would really like to say a big and special thank you for all our liveries and to everyone who voted for us.

A special thanks to the people below for all their help and advice we couldn’t have done such a good job without your continued support and advice.

Our aim is to continue to improve our yard with our Hay Barn being this years big project. 

Onward and upwards for Court Bank Farm.

Hoping to provide a safe, happy environment for our horses and our liveries.

To inspire a generation to improve our well being and mental health a place to relax and enjoy our hobbies away from the pressures that life brings us all at different periods in our life. 

A Happy place with good facilities so that we can all enjoy and full fill our dreams however big or small.  

Pool House Equine Centre

The British Horse Society

A C Jackson Ltd 

Richard Weston & James Griffiths

Mr & Mrs Holford