Fancy Rescue court bank farm


Andy & I would like to say a massive thank you to all our liveries we are so proud of you. 

A Massive Thank You to Staffordshire Fire & Rescue and Straightons Vets.

Out next fund raising event will be for the Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Team.


Fancy’s Rescue – Lesley’s Words


I don’t need to describe the shock or horror and how I felt when I opened the jockey door of the box and my first thoughts were ‘I’ve killed my horse’.   There was no time for questions of how or why – the disaster was right in front of my eyes.   Enormous Fancy, upside down in a tiny space – breathing?  Yes, breathing…..need help.   


I don’t know what on earth I shouted, but here was Tess, Carole, Andrea, Kelly, Millie……….all appeared – all took action.   It was almost like a trained military response – fire brigade called, vet called, Millie standing watch for the fire engines to show them where to go, Kelly with Sedolin to calm her – Fancy, please don’t give up, please don’t stop breathing, was all I could think.


But it wasn’t a military operation.   It was a Court Bank response.   It was Lottie bringing me glasses of water it was Jo and others chatting to me, it was Andrea keeping everyone calm and managing space around the incident, it was many open arms offering to hold me and comfort me and keep me strong. It was messages from Becki, willing to drop everything, to get here, to help, from Kassie, from Shelbie, from Vicki.


And the kindness was relentless throughout the day.   A message from Ellie at 4.15 “there’s a slice of lemon drizzle we baked in the fridge to try and cheer you up…..”  Didn’t just cheer me up, Ellie, it restored me to life, it was the first thing I had eaten all day!


Millie and Carole and co keeping watch on Fancy while I did the drive of shame home with the modified, convertible horsebox.


Becki and Kelly walking her back with me.  Andrea organising a stable for her and watching us go back.   I haven’t even thanked the owner for the loan of the stable. 

Sharon turning up at Hayfield Hill in the evening to see how I am and a lovely natter. And your good selves of course.   All the lovely messages via facebook and texts. 


And I haven’t even got to the Animal Rescue Team from the fire brigade.   Professional, calm, cheerful, optimistic, reassuring – where do I begin and end?   The wait for the vet felt interminable.   I wish vets could blue light.   But eventually Fancy was sedated and within a very short time, Fancy was free, snoring on a sheet of tarpaulin.  The snores were a reassuring sign of life for me.  She was helped up and her ordeal was over.  I will be writing to Green Watch separately  – I will let you see what I send them. 


So much has gone through my head.  But two thoughts are uppermost: relief and gratitude.


 When we arrive at Court Bank as a new livery, we all have an induction talk with Andy to go through the safety rules, et cetera and I distinctly recall him saying  :-  


 “you don’t have to be everyone’s best friend, you don’t even have to like each other, but you need to be considerate and help each other, and you need to remember that you never know when you might need that person one day”

Those are very wise words Andy;  we all know that the culture of an organisation comes from the top.  I don’t really know how you achieve all you do at CBF but I do know you have the gathered together  the Best Liveries in The World!!   I’m not quite sure how I slipped through the net 😊

Wm Shakespeare’s words are more succinct than my rambling  –



  “I can no other answer make, but, thanks and thanks, and ever thanks….”


The Rescue in Pictures

Fancy Rescue court bank farm

fancy made comfortable

cutting out the panel to free fancy

our amazing fire and rescue team

out at last fancy free from partition

fancy standing up and safe

rescued and safe in a stable at court bank farm

a Very Happy Lesley and a member of the rescue team

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue

horse box after being cut to get fancy out