Februarys Worm Counts Are In!


worm Counting at Court Bank Farm

Februarys worm counts are now in and the results are absolutely brilliant.

Ronald from Pool House Equine was really pleased with our results.

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Only four horses on the yard need to be wormed, and three out of the four were at 250 grams and one at 400 grams.

worm testing at court bank farm

Februarys worm counts prove what a really important job poo picking is and how it benefits our horses and ponies.

As well as it getting our steps up!


Did you know that a horse will typically pass an incredible 9 tonnes of poo every year!!! 

We can never completely eradicate parasites from our pasture, even if we were to pick up every ounce of manure. Some worm eggs will be thrown into the vegetation and grass when the poo hits the ground. However, clearing manure does considerably reduce the number of parasites in our field.

Worm eggs thrive in horse manure and when they hatch, the resulting worms crawl into the surrounding vegetation and grass and are then ingested by our horse and ponies.

Droppings will inevitably attract flies which represent a serious health hazard to our horses. The bites of many flying insects are painful and spread disease. 

Poo-picking is a bit of a chore but the benefits make all that effort worthwhile!