Fire Safety Day Success


A huge thank you to John from Diamond Fire for  his time on Saturday. It was very generous of him to give up his Satuday morning. He donated all the fire extinguishers free of charge and the competition prizes. We are extremely grateful to him.  



Thank you to all our liveries who attended our Fire Safety Day.  

Court Bank Farm is in safer hands due to our liveries having had this experience and training.  

We had a very informative and enjoyable morning. 


We all had a lovely sandwich, thank you to Annette and Andrea for cooking those for us. They were delicious.

We all learnt  how to use a fire extinguisher and we actually had a go at letting  off two different types of fire extinguishers.

I for one feel much more confident about using a fire extinguisher if ever we needed too. 

safety day at court bank farm


fire safety training day at court bank farm


Competition Winners!

We split in to groups of four and John set us a competion to see if we had been paying attention!

The winners were Brian, Michelle, Harriet and Denise.  They all won a fire extinguisher and fire blanket each to take home.


Well done!


competition winners


We also had the support of Andrea from the British Horse Society who also enjoyed the morning. Click here  to see the BHS facebook page.

The British Horse Society Apporval

Suprise Visit

A lovely suprise was a visit from our local fire brigade who unfortunately  after only being on site for a few minutes were called out on a shout!

However, the Animal Rescue team of the Staffordshire Fire and Rescue were able to stay.

They gave us a very interesting talk on what they are trained to do to help horses and large animals in an emergency situation including road traffic accidents.

They are highly skilled and highly trained and I was so impressed with the work they do.  Animal rescue has moved on in leaps and bounds over the years . 

They talked us through some very important safety instructions of what to do in the event of a fire  at Court Bank Farm.  

We are all now very clear of our evacuation plan in the unlikely event of a fire.


stable fire safety talk court bank farm

For all the liveries who did not attentd we will be going through this with you.  



The Animal Rescue Team of  Staffordshire Fire and Rescue are in need of a horse trailer to help with their training.

It would need to be road worthy so they can tow it between stations but it would not be used to transport animals (just their dummy horse!).

If you have a trailer you no longer need and you are willing to donate it for this invaluable training please do get in touch with either Andrea from the West Midlands BHS or myself. 

Redwings donation of a trailer for training
Redwings charity donated this trailer fo the animal rescue team for training.