Get motivated this January

Get motivated and make January a productive and happy month! when the days are short, wet, dark and miserable don’t let it get you down. Get motivated and start looking forward and preparing for the spring. Here is a list of things to do in January.


There are lots of things that we can be doing in readiness for the season ahead. 

clip your horse

Have a pamper day and clip your horse, trim his tale and give him a good groom. Treat him to a solarium he will enjoy the heat on his back and it is so good for his well being. 

For more information on the benefits of our solarium click here

It is said: “Clipping a horse in February is a really bad idea, as his summer coat will be starting to make an appearance and you’ll just go and ruin it by chopping off the tip of it.”  have a look at this great video  Once your clipping duties for the season are complete, don’t go putting the blades away, only to get them out again in October and realise they’re completely blunt. Send them away to be sharpened now, and consider getting the clippers serviced while you’re at it.


Get motivated and clear out your tack room and cash in

Let’s face it, we all have stuff we don’t need so now is an ideal time to have a good clear out:

January is also a good time to give our tack a good clean and oiling. Whilst cleaning please don’t forget to inspect the stitching. It is also a good time to have a sort out and sell those unwanted items of tack that you just do not use. Be ruthless and throw away what is no good or unsafe. Horse charities also welcome rugs and good quality tack.    


Prepare your lorry or trailer for the Winter

If you haven’t already prepared your lorry for winter, it’s high time to get on the case or ask a mechanic to do so for you. “Winterising” your horsebox includes getting the tyres checked and replaced if necessary; topping up your anti-freeze, and draining the water tank. 


Motivate your self and plan your season ahead. Book a clinic or a lesson with your favourite instructor.  Set your self some achievable goals which will build your confidence and your horse’s confidence.   

Verena & Fabio Cross Country

Get together and arrange a group hack this is a great thing to do if you do not like hacking on your own. 

hacking out on the chase 2 minute hack from court bank farm

Put all your farrier appointments, vaccinations and reminders on your planner so that you do not miss anything! 

Most of all enjoy January !!!