Get Summer Ready!!


Thank you to everyone for clearing out your rugs, all un wanted rugs will be donated to a local horse Sanctuary

This time of year is just a great time to have a clear out and a Spring clean. 

We hopefully can look forward to some Summer sunshine, and a lie- in !!!  

Our horses will also be looking forward to being rug free and to feel some summer sunshine on their backs.


The bluebells are in full bloom so do take advantage of a warm and relaxing evening hack through the bluebell wood.  We also have a new little path through Badgers Wood keep to the mowed path to guide you through.  Happy evening hacking. 


Get Summer ready !!! stock up on your fly spray and plan your competitions if you are going to be competing or just plan your Summer goals.

Most of all we need to enjoy our horses at this wonderful time of year. 

Please see our past post on how to keep your horse cool and happy this Summer.