Horse Owners Will Laugh At This Post

I read this post the other day and it really tickled me……… it’s me!

Horse owners will laugh at this post and I think at this present moment in time it is well needed.

This is definitely one of the funniest posts I have read for a long time.  The miss matching socks in particular struck a chord with me. 

It also made my husband smile! However after looking at the symptoms of the road to recovery I think he would prefer me to live with the addiciton. 

My saying to Andy is  ‘A Happy Life Is A Happy Wife’ 

Horses do make you happy although at times it is incredibly hard work and frustrating but  I could not imagine my life without horses. Athough I did not intend to end up with three.

I think Mischief only counts as half a pony!   

This is Mischief on our BHS  welfare event. Click this link to see all the pictures from that day. 

mischief waiting to be weighed


Symptoms associated with Horse Addiction

1. Getting up excessively early in the morning on a weekend.
2. A constant odor of ‘horse’
3. Holey, miss-matching socks
4. Boots covered in mud
5. Car boot is full of mysterious bags, hay, straw and what looks like rabbit food scattered predominately across the back seats
6. Denial, refusing to admit they spend too much time with their horse
7. Talking to the horse or other animals around the house/yard
8. Spending more money on apples and carrots at the supermarket than the average human being
9. Christmas list contains nothing for them and only items for the horse
10. Watching TV at home, well they don’t have one! although the tack room at the yard consists of TV, microwave, dining table, couch etc
11. They sold their car and bought a bike so their horse can have the latest rug
12. Their horse is cleaner than them
13. Their horse has a warmer jacket on than them

Viv and Glencoe

Symptoms on the road to recovery include



1. Increased bank balance
2. Clean car
3. Clean home
4. Fresh fragrance has replaced the horse odor
5. Wanting to spend time cooking and cleaning the house
6. Talking to humans again
7. Miserable
8. Depressed
9. Lack of enthusiasm for life



Horses make us happy and are good for our mental well being…..but probably not good for our pockets!