It’s Clipping Time!


It’s that time of year again should we clip or not!

to clip or not to clip court bank farm


As winter fast approaches, our horses and ponies will start to grow woollier and thicker coats, and alot of us will be now thinking about clipping and what sort of clip to give our horse and ponies. 


Clipping is something you can do to help prevent your horse from getting too warm and sweating profusely while exercising.

Before clipping, you need to consider how much work your horse or pony is doing, the sort of rugs you might need to keep him warm afterwards and whether your horse will be stabled or turned out.


If your horse gets too hot during exercise, is overheating or is in danger of becoming chilled while waiting to dry in cold weather we should definitely consider clipping.


Some horses and ponies will grow very heavy coats all year round and after the smallest amount of work will break out into a sweat and having a heavy coat then makes it incredibly difficult for them to dry out quickly, clipping these sort of horses or ponies is a must. 


This is a great video showing us how to clip our horse but if you are unsure then get an expert in. 


There are lots of clips to suit all levels of work.



Glencoe gets exercised on average  4 – 5 times per week.  This includes 3 schooling sessions and hacking out a couple of times a week.  I chose an irish clip for him as he only comes in for a few hours during the day and he lives out at night.  I like to keep his back end furry!! I find this is just enough for the amount of work he does.

Glencoe in 2017 with his Irish Clip in a festive mood.


Be Safe & Be Seen!!!!!


be seen be safe at court bank farm


As the nights are drawing in and the mornings are darker don’t forget to wear your hi viz for hacking out.

The photograph above shows two riders one rider in hiviz and the other in dark clothing.

The rider dressed in Hi-viz stands out and is easily seen.


It is also a good idea to wear hi viz when bringing in and turning out at this time of year when the mornings and evenings are drawing in.