Neck Straps


Court Bank Farm care about the safety of all our liveries and we strongly recommend using a neck strap.



I  have to admit that I won’t get on my horse without one and I don’t mean a stiff drink although that might help at times!  I am talking about a neck strap and I am in good company  as William Fox Pitt doesn’t ride without one either.  

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For that ……. you never know moment…………… whether you have a school master or a youngster a neck strap can be a life saver.  


If you are riding a horse that’s a little fresh, keeping one finger hooked around your neck strap can be helpful in making you feel a bit more secure. Of course it’s not necessarily going to stop you from falling off but if the horse shoots sideways and you have hold of a neck strap there is more chance you will stay with it. If you just had hold of the reins the chances are you could lose your balance and grab the reins, whereupon the horse shoots his head up and runs away from sudden rein pressure … so what could have been a simple step sideways turns into a drama.

Not all accidents can be avoided but anything to help us stop on must be a good thing I feel vulnerable without riding out with my neck strap.

Put it on you Christmas list!