Our Bluebells Are In Full Bloom


Our bluebells are in full bloom in our ancient woodland and they look and smell just beautiful. It is definitely worth tacking up and having a hack through the woods.

We did a great news post a few weeks ago about Hacking out with confidence 

There is nothing more relaxing than hacking out with our horses. It is good for our mental health as well as our horses. It is also a great way to bond with our horses.

I think the horses really enjoy hacking out as much as we do, it is a nice change from the school and we don’t have to worry about cars and lorries.

We are lucky enough to have the farm ride and the woods to hack around and we also have Cannock Chase and Gentleshaw Common on our door step.  


Bluebells in Court Banks Covert

Follow the mowed paths and enjoy.

Native Bluebells at Court Bank Farm

Do look out for the other wild flowers whilst you are hacking through.


How many can you identify?

wild woodland foxgloves

yellow woodland flower

The wild garlic is particularly pretty and you can smell the garlic as you hack through. Especially when the horses hooves crush the leaves. Here is a great receipe for a Pesto sauce made from fresh wild garlic. Get Picking!

wild garlic

bluebells at court bank