Outbreak Of Influenza In Suffolk


This is the latest advice that we have been given by Pool House Equine Vets and the British Horse Society 


Pool House Advice

There has been an outbreak of equine flu in Suffolk. Information is currently limited but at least two locations are involved.

The latest information is that the strain of flu is one found in the vaccinations currently in use however there are some vaccinated horses amongst those affected. This is being investigated.


Currently we would advise that clients do NOT travel with horses to competitions until the situation becomes clearer.

Vaccination remains essential and we advise a booster for any horse more than 6 months from its last injection.

Horses that are not vaccinated should be vaccinated urgently.

Watch out for signs of flu which are:

  1. Very high temperature
  2.  Nasal discharge
  3.  Coughing
  4.  Off food
  5.  Dullness   


Advice From the British Horse Society


Gemma Stanford, Director of Welfare for The British Horse Society said:

“We are aware of today’s news regarding the Equine Influenza outbreaks and we urge all owners to be extra vigilant of the clinical signs of the virus.

 “Clinical signs of influenza include:

  • The sudden onset of a dry, harsh cough which can continue for two to three weeks and potentially persist for longer
  • A rise in temperature for one to three days
  • A nasal discharge that is initially clear but becomes thick and purulent
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy

“Diseases such as equine influenza are debilitating and can have serious implications for horses, especially young foals, elderly animals or those with pre-existing respiratory disorders.

“You should contact your vet immediately if you have any concerns.”