Ragwort Reminder


Can all of our liveries please be vigilant whilst poo picking.  With the warm weather and the drop of rain we have had the ragwort has really started grow.

We have over the last six and a half years been spraying our fields and are finally getting on top of our weeds including ragwort

There is a great article on Ragwort on the BHS website 


We started our spraying regime a couple of weeks ago and fields 13, 1, 2, & 3 have all been sprayed and our horses in their herds have been moved over to the spare fields. 

If you see a red ribbon on your gate it is to remind you that your field has been sprayed.

We all live very busy lives and it is very easy to forget. 

This allows the fields to get sprayed for weeds including ragwort and the fields get an all important rest.


We are lucky at Court Bank Farm that we have the luxury of spare fields to be able to do this and this then allows us to have 24/7 turnout 365 days a year no matter what the weather.

All other fields need to keep on top of the ragwort for the health of our horses.  Please either pull it (wearing gloves) or dig it up using the ragwort fork provided.

Please put the ragwort fork back in its place after use so that it is ready for the next person. 

The ragwort can be placed in the green skips with the muck in your muck skip which is located outside your field gate. 

It is the reponsibility of everyone in the field to do there fair share of ragwort pulling.

Please see the pictures below of the ragwort at its different stages.   


Ragwort Rosette

Ragwort Rosette

young ragwort rosette

Flowering Ragwort

Flowering rosette