Recent Bad Weather And Storms


Recent bad weather and storms have flooded fields and homes across the country. Court Bank Farm is 200 meters above sea level and although our fields have been the wetest we have known them in the 6 years that we have owned Court Bank Farm it has been safe to turn our horses out.


All year turnout is what impressed the judges from SEIB the most. When they came to judge us for DIY Livery Yard Of The Year it was a awful evening. It was pitch black, windy and absolutely tipping it down with rain, the horses that were in their stables were wet from being turned out but they were happy!    

The recent bad weather and storms will not deter us from turning our horses out at Court Bank Farm. Turn out is good for our horses health and their mental well being. Time to chill out and be with their friends. 


Horses grazing at Court Bank Farm

Snow at Court Bank FArm DIY livery yard


RSPCA Rescue Horses

Storm Denis not affected Court Bank Farm DIY livery yard

These horses had to be rescued by the RSPCA  in Hampshire. Parts of the water was so deep they had to swim out to rescue them. The horses were belly deep but they managed to get a head collar and lead rein on one horse and the other horses followed closely behind. 

The rescue team said “Working during floods and storms is extremely challenging because we have to ensure the safety of our staff, members of the public and the animals themselves.”

For the latest on flood warnings, call Floodline on 0845 9881188. To report an animal in danger, call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 with a time, date and location.