Save The Date!

The British Horse Society Apporval


Sunday 31st May 2020 

Save the date The British Horse Society welfare team are going to visit Court Bank Farm on Sunday May 31st.

Court Bank Farm DIY Livery yard

They will be bringing their horse scales and weight tape and they will be able to weigh our horses and ponies for us, they also use the weight tape and a take a good look at our horses condition. 


Fern with Beauty on the BHS scales
Court Bank Farm welfare day with the BHS 2019


We all had a great time last time they visited and we even appreared in the BHS magazine. Please click the link to the photographs and information on our last welfare day.

We will be able to ask them questions regarding any health care issue we may have or be worried about and they will help us as much as they can. 

If anyone has any particular issues they would like to discuss please do let me know and I can let Louise from the BHS welfare team know in advance.


Getting Ready For The Summer

It is a good time of year for them to come and visit us as we can see how our horses have faired over the winter which is a very useful tool heading into the Summer months. 

Natural Living Is Best

It is a well known fact that our horses should come out of the winter leaner ready for the Summer. This is naturally what would happen in the wild. 

Generally there is no reason as to why a horse should loose condition in the winter, you adjust feeding etc…. to reflect the conditions.

We would not want our horses t0 drop condition just a little weight over the winter. Trying to keep our horses as close to a natural way of living is the best thing for our horses.  

At Court Bank we are lucky to be able to offer 24/7 turnout 365 days a year. Although we have had a very wet Autumn and Winter we have still been able to turn out. This is due to alot of factors including our field management. 

DIY grazing at court bank farm