This Week’s Schooling Poles Prove To Be A Big Hit!

poles exercise Court Bank Farm

This weeks schooling poles have proved very popular with our liveries, a big thank you to Amanda for setting this weeks exercise out.

The liveries and horses have really enjoyed using them, even the instructors that have visited this week have enjoyed teaching and schooling over them. 

They have even taken a picture of the layout to use elsewhere when teaching.

I think we will be definately setting this pattern up again.


The Benefits Of Using Poles For Schooling

Pole Exercises can greatly improve your horses way of going.

It also makes flatwork more exciting for you and your horse.

Polework develops your horse’s core stability.

Works his top line and improves his suppleness by encouraging him to step under the hindleg more.

It is a great exercise if your horse tends to rush as it is a great way of you controlling your horses stride.

For horses with naturally shorter stride lengths, you can set the poles wider apart so he has to stretch and open his frame.

If you’re trying to develop more collection, you can shorten the distance between poles so your horse has to collect his stride.

Poles can also encourage your horse to be more agile as he has to pick his legs up higher to step over the poles.

Polework is also a really good way of exercising your horse if he coming back from injury so that he can build up his strength and fitness. 

The really great thing about polework is that you can ride as many different shapes and lines as your imagination will allow. Not just over but also around the poles, so you can be quite creative.

Coloured poles are particularly helpful as you can aim for the centre of the pole by using the colours as a guide. 

We are lucky to have a great selection of coloured poles at Court Bank Farm.

Caveletti poles can also be used in the round pen which will again add interest for your horse. 



The poles will be left our for another couple of days so enjoy!