The Right Way To Fall Off

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This is a really interesting article that I read recently, the website is called and it teaches how to fall correctly.

One of Warrington’s key points was that, no matter what, where the rider’s eyes go, so does the body. He reiterated this by showing videos and images of both successful falls and injurious falls. Pausing the video frame-by-frame allowed him to show what went right, and wrong, in every part of the fall. While many riders have heard they should “tuck and roll,” Warrington is seeking to reprogram rider’s thinking during falls.

The first thing many riders do when they realize they are going to fall is to do everything in their power to stay on the horse. While this might be the first instinct, it’s not always the best decision, Warrington said. He encourages riders to have an exit strategy; when falling, this means riders should put out their arm to absorb the majority of the impact on landing. This doesn’t mean putting out the hands, which would mean all of the concussive forces are placed on the wrist (potentially breaking them), he said; rather, aim for the long part of the arm, from elbow to side of the hand, to take the impact. Next, the rider should roll away from the horse with their hands up (think of a boxer preparing to spar) to decelerate the impact.

It’s also important, Warrington noted, to round the back to save the neck while falling. Tucking the chin to the chest automatically rounds the back, reducing the chance of a neck injury.

So, he explained again, during a fall: Arms out, legs and chin tucked, eyes looking out of the circle of rotation (away from the horse), and roll away.

One thing a rider should never do, said Warrington while showing video evidence, is hold onto the horse while falling.

“Someone will catch your horse!” he said. “Let go!”

He also said he feels passionately that, in any equestrian sport, riders need the right horse and to be riding at an appropriate level. This is even more key to safety than learning how to fall, he said.


It is a great website give it a go and have a look at the fall techniques.