Update On Fancy

Thank you to Green Watch from Leslie and fancy


We thought it would be nice to let you all know how Fancy is doing after her ordeal last week.


Fancy is recovering well, her lip is healing and she was back out grazing the very next day. The vet visited her for a few days after to check up on her and to attend to her lip.


She is doing really well and is happy and back to her normal self.  Leslie thinks she may have been sore for a few days afterwards but she has soon bounced back and is doing remarkably well.

Lesley has sent this thank you card to the Green Watch Team.

You may need to get the tissues out again! Lesley wrote a poem as a thank you to the Green Watch Team


Here is the poem.


Lesley’s Poem


There was a young mare, name of Fancy

Who was happy and sweet and quite chilled

But one day she got a bit anstie

And out of her horsebox, she spilled


Oh horror! Oh shock! What Calamity !!

Her owner near fainted with shock.

The fright of her splenid anatomy

Stuck fast betwixt hard place and rock


Up went the cry: please help me

And friends rallied round in a flash

Don’t cry, don’t fret, She’ll be free

Because GREEN WATCH are making a dash!!


How calm, how cheerful, how pristine,

This bank of brothers (and sisters) descended

And with a wave of their practiced routine

Fancy’s day-trip to hell – was ended!