Wear Suitable Footwear Even In the Hot Weather!


The BHS  have warned us in a recent news post of the dangers of not wearing suitable footwear in the hot weather whilst handling our horses.

Please do see the last post we did last Summer of a really nasty injury of a lady that wore sandals whilst bringing her horse in.


Wear suitable footwear even in the hot weather it doesn’t matter how good your horse is stay safe and avoid an accident which will ultimately protect our NHS.


Look Away If Your Squeemish

The young lady was wearing slip on sandals whilst handling her mare and this is the result. She had to stop in hospital for two days and had to have an operation on her toes. She was very lucky not to loose them!

wear suitable footwear


Stay safe! 

It takes just a few minutes to change into suitable footwear when you come onto the yard. 


Keep Washing Your Hands And Social Distancing!

We must not forget that we should still be working to the government guidlines on Covid 19.

The last thing we all want is to have a second spike and to have to lock down again.

We must all try our best to protect each other and our NHS in these difficult times.  

Please can we remember to keep washing our hands when we come on to the yard and when we leave the yard and to please remember that we should still be keeping our social distancing of 1m. We must stay alert and stay safe to protect our NHS.


Washing hands correctly at court bank farm