Which Treats Are Safe For Our Horses!


We all like to treat our horses and ponies to a little treat to reward them but which treat is the best choice for our horses. 


This is a really interesting article and I am off to the shops to re stock on healthy treats!


I think even more importantly at this time of year we definately need to look at just what we are feeding our horses.

We weigh our horses regularly at Court Bank Farm, click the link to see our last weighing in day. It was really informative and it was a great day for us all to get together.     



healthy horse treats


When humans think of “treats”, a chocolate bar tends to take priority over one of our five-a-day. Thankfully our horses have a much healthier attitude when it comes to treats and are more than happy to munch on an apple or carrot. But did you know there are a whole host of other options available that make safe treats for horses, when fed in moderation? We spoke to nutritionists to find out what makes a good treat and what should be avoided.

Interestingly, the humble banana is a popular choice among a number of elite dressage horses. Bananas can be fed with the skin on and are known to be very high in potassium.

feeding bananas to horses is healthy

“Studies have shown that horses prefer banana over traditional mint, carrot and apple flavours,” explains equine nutritionist.

Independent equine nutritionist Fiona Watkins BSc (Hons) Pro Dip highly recommends celery as a healthy treat for your horse.

“Celery is really low in sugar and a great alternative to carrots, which are 20% sugar,” she explains. “It is good because the texture in celery is high in cellulose, which makes it very good for chewing. The more the horse chews, the more saliva it generates. Saliva is alkaline and can guard against things like gastric ulcers”.