Worm Count Time

Those worms scare me


It’s soon come round! it is time for us to send our worm counts off to Pool House Equine  clinic.


I spoke to the vets to make sure it was ok in light of the current Covid 19 situation. They have said that they can do this safely.

We have done so well with our worm count programme over the years it would be a shame to have to break our cycle.

Last time only 11 horses needed worming, which is absolutely brilliant. Pool House were very pleased with our results. 

Worm control is an important part of our horse management and it is especially important that we do not just worm for the sake of it.

By using a worm count programme we are only worming our horses and ponies when they acturally do need worming. 

It is very interesting to see our past results and how they have improved over the years. Last Mays results 16 horses needed worming.

We had a very interesting talk a couple of years ago by Ronald from Pool House who runs our worm count programme. The most important thing that came out of our talk was how important it is to poo pick our fields. Ideally the poo should not be on the ground for longer than 3 days. The other thing that came out of our talk was by actually taking a worm count and not just administrating a wormer our horses are not getting a resistant to the chemicals in the wormers.

worm Counting at Court Bank Farm


I will of course let everyone know their horses worm count when they come in.