Worm Results Are In!!


We have had our worm count results back from Pool House Vets please do see the results that are pinned up on the notice board in reception.



collecting our poo ready for testing for worms

All wormers will be given out as normal please do make sure that you are giving the correct dose for the weight of your horse.

There is a weight tape left by the British Horse Society for us to use. 

British Horse Society using weight tape

Please do put the weight tape back in reception after use so that it is ready for other people to measure their horses weight.   

We have 16 horses that need worming this time. I have spoken to Ronald the Vet from Pool House and he has said the reason for this spike is that we have had a mild winter.

It is very important that we keep up with our poo picking of our fields and ideally 3 days is the maximum number of days for the poo to be on the ground.